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My Top Celebrity Sightings

22 Mar

Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs

One of my favorite celebrity sightings was in Malibu, California. I had went out to LA on a business trip with Sherri, a fellow worker. She was very adventurous and neither one of us had ever been there before, so after we completed our Lockbox Audit for that day we jumped in the car to see the sights.

One of our local contacts suggested Gladstone’s, a restaurant off California Highway 1 just up the road in Malibu. Now you would think that being in LA you’d see a ton of Hollywood starlets but alas no. We went to Mann’s Chinese Theatre and put our hands and feet in various famous impressions, walked down Hollywood Blvd checking out stars, cruised down Rodeo drive, and even drove by the Santa Monica Pier with the hopeful intention of seeing someone “famous”. We got nuttin’ absolutely nuttin’!

Hungry and tired we decided to go have our beach-side dinner at Gladstone’s. It was surf and turf night and the company was paying so why not! We had just gotten our drinks and I looked up and saw him..just two tables away in front of me. Non other than Mr. Fava Beans with a nice Chianti himself, Anthony Hopkins!

I could barely contain my excitement. Sherri, on the other hand, did not believe me. I said, “Sherri, I would bet my whole pay check on it.” and so she grabbed the waiter as he was walking by and asked him. The waiter was like, “Yeah that’s Mr. Hopkins, he lives up the hill and he’s down here every week for the Surf and Turf Special.” Victorious in finally sighting a star, I called my husband and rubbed it in while sitting at the table eating!

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