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Mom, The Original Superhero!

5 Apr

Mae Foree (Mom) and Kathy Coleman

Where would any of us be without our mothers?  Well.. we wouldn’t exist frankly and some of us wouldn’t need to pay a therapist an hourly rate!  Mother’s come in all shapes, sizes, and mindsets and have managed to shape the face of society.  Continue reading


Accidental Life Lessons on a Snow Day

14 Mar
Kathleen Foree (Me) 1974

Kathleen Foree (Me) 1974

Let me set the scene…It’s January 1975 and our farm in rural Troy, MO had just gotten one of the heaviest snowfalls in years.  In fact in Minnesota this storm was the “Blizzard of the Century”.    Living in the country a little snow fall didn’t necessarily mean school was canceled.  If the school bus couldn’t make it down our gravel road, we’d have to meet the bus were the gravel road met Highway H, about a mile and a half away.  Our neighbor, Mrs. Witte would give us a lift if Mom or Dad couldn’t.  And School closings, that’s a whole different story.  I can’t remember for sure but I don’t think we had school closings posted on TV.  We didn’t have cell phones with text messages in 1975!  We had a rotary dial phone that took five minutes to complete dialing the number!    We’d have to call the school and see if there was a message that school was closed.

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Circle the Wagons..It’s Joshua’s Bean Roundup

8 Mar

Joshua Bowles circa 1986

Joshua Bowles, the oldest son of Melissa Coleman and the oldest Grandchild under the Joe & Mary branch of the family, just welcomed a new edition, William Alexander.  Melissa provided this dish as dinner relief for Joshua and his lovely wife Amanda with some cornbread.  It’s exhausting being a new parent!  Joshua’s Grandma Bowles taught Melissa how to make this dish and it’s still one of Joshua’s favorites. Continue reading

Chicken and Dumplings for the Winter Worn Soul

28 Feb

Greeted by a blanket of fresh snow this morning makes me think it’s time for my favorite comfort food, Chicken and Dumplings.  I love this dish but the way I make it today is completely different from how my Mom made it growing up.  Mom would boil the chicken and make the chicken stock but the dumplings  are a whole other matter.  It was mine and my sister, Kelley’s job to tear each canned biscuit into four pieces and Mom would drop them in the hot buttery stock.  We would watch in amazement as the bits of biscuit dough would slowly puff up and fill the pot. 

Pictured L-R: Kathy, Mae(Mom), Kelley, and Grandma Foree

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A Recipe for a Cherry Pie Picnic

16 Feb

Just off Independence Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri between Fuller Avenue and 9th Street was the Homestead of George and Bernice Harrell.  Their modest two-story house was complete with a cherry orchard and chicken coop.  The neighborhood kids loved eating the cherries right off their trees hardly leaving any cherries for Grandma Harrell to make her cherry pies. 



The Harrell Homestead on Fuller Avenue Kansas City, MO

 Grandma had an idea… she made a promise with the neighborhood children that if they would leave the cherries alone, she would host a cherry pie picnic. 


Success!  Grandma had so many cherries that she was able to make about 25 cherry pies for the picnic.  Mary, Matt’s Mom, remembers pitting all those cherries.


This Cherry Pie recipe is the one that Grandma Harrell used for all those pies.  Modern pie makers don’t have to pit those cherries thank God!  You can actually buy them already pitted in the can!

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