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Hammin’ It Up for Easter

30 Mar

Easter Memories - Egg Hunts, Easter Ham, and Fancy Bonnets

What’s Easter without an egg hunt, some fancy dresses and bonnets, and a big juicy baked Easter Ham.  My sister Kelley and I would look longingly at the new fancy dresses as soon as they hit the hangers in our local clothing store.  On Easter Sunday we would get up early to see what surprises the Easter Bunny had left and then dress to the nines to catch the church bus for Sunday School.  Continue reading


A Second Round Meal for the St. Pat’s Feast

13 Mar

Reuben Sandwich - Best Second Round Meal for the St. Patrick's Day Feast!

I love this time of year, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, the first promises of Spring start to peek out of the ground, and corned beef is super cheap at the grocery store.  Continue reading

Circle the Wagons..It’s Joshua’s Bean Roundup

8 Mar

Joshua Bowles circa 1986

Joshua Bowles, the oldest son of Melissa Coleman and the oldest Grandchild under the Joe & Mary branch of the family, just welcomed a new edition, William Alexander.  Melissa provided this dish as dinner relief for Joshua and his lovely wife Amanda with some cornbread.  It’s exhausting being a new parent!  Joshua’s Grandma Bowles taught Melissa how to make this dish and it’s still one of Joshua’s favorites. Continue reading

Chicken and Dumplings for the Winter Worn Soul

28 Feb

Greeted by a blanket of fresh snow this morning makes me think it’s time for my favorite comfort food, Chicken and Dumplings.  I love this dish but the way I make it today is completely different from how my Mom made it growing up.  Mom would boil the chicken and make the chicken stock but the dumplings  are a whole other matter.  It was mine and my sister, Kelley’s job to tear each canned biscuit into four pieces and Mom would drop them in the hot buttery stock.  We would watch in amazement as the bits of biscuit dough would slowly puff up and fill the pot. 

Pictured L-R: Kathy, Mae(Mom), Kelley, and Grandma Foree

Continue reading

Shepherd’s Pie for a Quick Witted Irishman

23 Feb

Joe Coleman - Quick Quip Master

Joe Coleman, my father-in-law, the master of the quick quip.  He’s a satirist extraordinaire to the point that even when you ask him the time, you feel like you need to check the clock yourself.  It was sink or swim in the Coleman household and I give full credit to Dad for my quick come-back skills.  He’s a firm believer, being the father of seven kids you must have a great sense of humor or you won’t survive! 

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New Mom, New Recipe

19 Feb
Mary Coleman

Mary Coleman, My Earthly Guardian Angel

I was just 18 when I would meet Mary Coleman, my incredible Mother-in-Law.  You’ll not find a more patient, loving, resourceful, giving, and intelligent human being.  Just writing this I can just visualize her face flushed with embarrassment, her crinkled eyes, and her softly chuckling saying, “Oh I don’t know about that!”  But she is truly one of my earthly guardian angels.  Over the years she has taught me many things but her greatest gift to me was the gift of her family.  I am who I am today because of her and I am eternally grateful.  I know, I’m gushing, but she’s worth it!  So let’s get to the recipe I’m going to share today Barbecued Pot Roast.  Continue reading

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