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And I Call It Puppy Love!

4 Oct

Milo and Lexi Our new Bulldog Puppies - Love @ First Sight!

Milo and Lexi, two little Victorian Bulldog puppies, came into my life about a month ago.  Having raised two children to adulthood, it’s been a while since I’ve had a baby around and even though they are so adorable; I’ve had to relearn the meaning of the word patience!

They each have unique personalities and make me laugh everyday.  My husband and I are slowly getting into a routine with them with meal times; nap times; and bedtime.  We just need to master walking on a leash and finishing up potty training.  Next month I plan on enrolling them in puppy training at PetSmart so we hopefully by Christmas we’ll be good to to speak!

Milo my cuddlier has to lay next to Lexi or my leg when he’s napping and Lexi will let you cuddle with her but when it comes to sleeping she likes her space.   Just like kids, you spend $10 on a new chew toy and instead they pull out a glad plastic bowl and play with it for hours.  They also go crazy for empty plastic water bottles.

I was leery about getting two puppies but actually I can’t even imagine just having one of them now.  I love them both so much and look forward to our time together here on earth.




My Top Celebrity Sightings

22 Mar

Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs

One of my favorite celebrity sightings was in Malibu, California. I had went out to LA on a business trip with Sherri, a fellow worker. She was very adventurous and neither one of us had ever been there before, so after we completed our Lockbox Audit for that day we jumped in the car to see the sights.

One of our local contacts suggested Gladstone’s, a restaurant off California Highway 1 just up the road in Malibu. Now you would think that being in LA you’d see a ton of Hollywood starlets but alas no. We went to Mann’s Chinese Theatre and put our hands and feet in various famous impressions, walked down Hollywood Blvd checking out stars, cruised down Rodeo drive, and even drove by the Santa Monica Pier with the hopeful intention of seeing someone “famous”. We got nuttin’ absolutely nuttin’!

Hungry and tired we decided to go have our beach-side dinner at Gladstone’s. It was surf and turf night and the company was paying so why not! We had just gotten our drinks and I looked up and saw him..just two tables away in front of me. Non other than Mr. Fava Beans with a nice Chianti himself, Anthony Hopkins!

I could barely contain my excitement. Sherri, on the other hand, did not believe me. I said, “Sherri, I would bet my whole pay check on it.” and so she grabbed the waiter as he was walking by and asked him. The waiter was like, “Yeah that’s Mr. Hopkins, he lives up the hill and he’s down here every week for the Surf and Turf Special.” Victorious in finally sighting a star, I called my husband and rubbed it in while sitting at the table eating!

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Accidental Life Lessons on a Snow Day

14 Mar
Kathleen Foree (Me) 1974

Kathleen Foree (Me) 1974

Let me set the scene…It’s January 1975 and our farm in rural Troy, MO had just gotten one of the heaviest snowfalls in years.  In fact in Minnesota this storm was the “Blizzard of the Century”.    Living in the country a little snow fall didn’t necessarily mean school was canceled.  If the school bus couldn’t make it down our gravel road, we’d have to meet the bus were the gravel road met Highway H, about a mile and a half away.  Our neighbor, Mrs. Witte would give us a lift if Mom or Dad couldn’t.  And School closings, that’s a whole different story.  I can’t remember for sure but I don’t think we had school closings posted on TV.  We didn’t have cell phones with text messages in 1975!  We had a rotary dial phone that took five minutes to complete dialing the number!    We’d have to call the school and see if there was a message that school was closed.

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It All Started with a Dance and Dad Standing on His Head

14 Feb

Joe and Mary Coleman Wedding Day January 19, 1952

Every couple has a story on how they first met.  My Mother and Father-in-Law’s story set the stage for their marriage of over 59 years.  It was the early 1950’s and the local hot spot on a Saturday night for teenagers was the Dance hall.  Wang Chang in their song “Dance Hall Days”  Really capture to flavor of the era.

Dad was hanging out the local Dance Hall in Kansas City with his best friend Bob.  To make a quick buck they would bet local patrons that Joe(Dad) could stand on his head.  Here is a classic never judge a book by its cover moment!   To the regular “Joe ” in the dance hall they would take one look at Dad and think this will be easy money in my pocket.  Dad walked with a cane and had braces on both legs.  He had Polio as a small child and his mother being the strong-willed Irish woman that she was didn’t let him do anything the easy way.  His classes at school were on the third floor and the Nuns wanted to change all his classes to the first floor so he wouldn’t have to walk up all the steps.  Grandma Coleman said, “No, if his classes are on the third floor, then he’ll go up the stairs.”
Anyway, back to the dance hall.. so Dad and Bob were taking bets that Dad could stand on his head. So now Dad is standing on his head in the corner of the dance hall and in walks Mom with her girlfriend.  Her friend happens to know Joe and introduces them later in the evening.  Mom was immediately enamoured with Dad’s charming easy-going personality.  They danced the rest of the evening! 
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