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A Recipe for a Cherry Pie Picnic

16 Feb

Just off Independence Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri between Fuller Avenue and 9th Street was the Homestead of George and Bernice Harrell.  Their modest two-story house was complete with a cherry orchard and chicken coop.  The neighborhood kids loved eating the cherries right off their trees hardly leaving any cherries for Grandma Harrell to make her cherry pies. 



The Harrell Homestead on Fuller Avenue Kansas City, MO

 Grandma had an idea… she made a promise with the neighborhood children that if they would leave the cherries alone, she would host a cherry pie picnic. 


Success!  Grandma had so many cherries that she was able to make about 25 cherry pies for the picnic.  Mary, Matt’s Mom, remembers pitting all those cherries.


This Cherry Pie recipe is the one that Grandma Harrell used for all those pies.  Modern pie makers don’t have to pit those cherries thank God!  You can actually buy them already pitted in the can!

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Children are Just Like Sugar Cookies & Snow Flakes – Each One Unigue

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!  This Sugar Cookie recipe is absolutely the best one I’ve ever tasted.  It came from my Mother-in-Law’s 50 year old Good Housekeeping Cookbook.  The way I make is with frosting and sprinkles.  Yum! 

Sugar Cookies are always the star at Christmas Eve Get Togethers!


What you’ll need:  


2¼ cups flour

¼ tsp salt

2 tsp baking powder

½ cup shortening (Mom uses white Crisco)

2 eggs, beaten

1 T. milk

1 cup sugar

½ tsp vanilla

Rolling pin

Cookie cutters in various shapes

Little hands to frost and sprinkle

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Apple Crisp – Everyone’s Favorite!

12 Feb
Apple Crisp

Everyone loves Mom's Apple Crisp!

What you’ll need:

6 – 8 apples
½ cup water
1 tsp cinnamon
7 Tbsp butter
1 cup sugar
¾ cup flour
Non-stick cooking spray (butter flavored is yummy) Oven safe baking dish Continue reading

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