And I Call It Puppy Love!

4 Oct

Milo and Lexi Our new Bulldog Puppies - Love @ First Sight!

Milo and Lexi, two little Victorian Bulldog puppies, came into my life about a month ago.  Having raised two children to adulthood, it’s been a while since I’ve had a baby around and even though they are so adorable; I’ve had to relearn the meaning of the word patience!

They each have unique personalities and make me laugh everyday.  My husband and I are slowly getting into a routine with them with meal times; nap times; and bedtime.  We just need to master walking on a leash and finishing up potty training.  Next month I plan on enrolling them in puppy training at PetSmart so we hopefully by Christmas we’ll be good to to speak!

Milo my cuddlier has to lay next to Lexi or my leg when he’s napping and Lexi will let you cuddle with her but when it comes to sleeping she likes her space.   Just like kids, you spend $10 on a new chew toy and instead they pull out a glad plastic bowl and play with it for hours.  They also go crazy for empty plastic water bottles.

I was leery about getting two puppies but actually I can’t even imagine just having one of them now.  I love them both so much and look forward to our time together here on earth.



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