I Need a News Channel Holiday!

31 Mar

CNN’s ‘anniversary’

There are so many ways one can acquire news these days. I view news stories online and will tune into various cable news channels as well as watching the local news before going to bed. Lately though I feel like a news addict and find it hard to turn it off.

Every time a major world incident happens I become completely engrossed in the news coverage of it. After 911 happened I would spend every waking moment watching the news coverage. I found myself unable to pull myself away and actually do those things in my life that mattered at the time. I have found lately I've been spending way too much time watching news channel coverage of the Japan Crisis and I have to step back.

I've decided that I need a news channel holiday to reestablish a life/news balance. Who's with me? I declare that today I will refrain from watching all news channels and will instead read a book, go for a walk, and do some much needed spring cleaning!

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