And I Call It Puppy Love!

4 Oct

Milo and Lexi Our new Bulldog Puppies - Love @ First Sight!

Milo and Lexi, two little Victorian Bulldog puppies, came into my life about a month ago.  Having raised two children to adulthood, it’s been a while since I’ve had a baby around and even though they are so adorable; I’ve had to relearn the meaning of the word patience!

They each have unique personalities and make me laugh everyday.  My husband and I are slowly getting into a routine with them with meal times; nap times; and bedtime.  We just need to master walking on a leash and finishing up potty training.  Next month I plan on enrolling them in puppy training at PetSmart so we hopefully by Christmas we’ll be good to to speak!

Milo my cuddlier has to lay next to Lexi or my leg when he’s napping and Lexi will let you cuddle with her but when it comes to sleeping she likes her space.   Just like kids, you spend $10 on a new chew toy and instead they pull out a glad plastic bowl and play with it for hours.  They also go crazy for empty plastic water bottles.

I was leery about getting two puppies but actually I can’t even imagine just having one of them now.  I love them both so much and look forward to our time together here on earth.



Daily Grind

9 Jun

Daily wake up call - my first cup of coffee!

Daily Grind by Kathleen Coleman

Cold water flows into the plastic lord of the counter

Filter receives granular morsels of morning

I push the magic button and I’m seconds away …

The glorious smell of medium roast

Hot steaming liquid of morning

Renew my soul, bring me to life

Jane Eyre vs. Jane Slayre

9 Jun

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte

Jane Slayre - Sherri Browning-Erwin & Charlotte Bronte

I picked up a paperback of “Jane Slayre”, the re-imagined Novel by Sherri Browning Erwin of Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel “Jane Eyre”.  I had always wanted to read the classic novel but just never got around to it.  I don’t know about you but I always chuckle a little in the local bookstore when I see the covers of these re-imagined classic novels.  What’s not to love about a stake welding vampire killer?

So I dove into Jane Slayre without having read the original novel and I quite enjoyed it.  In fact when I saw the recently released Jane Eyre movie this Spring I was shocked that each scene was exactly as I had read in the Jane Slayre novel minus the vampires and zombies.   All the same characters Mrs. Reed, Mr. Rochester and even the mysterious Thornfield Hall are all present.

You’ll follow this heroic orphan as she learns to slay zombies, vampires and finally deal with werewolves.  If you enjoy the supernatural and loved the original novel you will love this book!

Inspiration Doesn’t Have a Watch!

6 Apr

You never know what will inspire you or at what time it will happen.  A TV show, a conversation, an article in a magazine, or a random email.  I was inspired last night to write a poem.

I imagined what it might be like to have lived a long life and for a moment remember the dreams of youth.  Let me know what you think. 😀


Nightly Escape

Crinkled weathered eyes, foggy with age, gaze out the window.

Who is this person staring in the reflection?

I don’t recognize the face, the troubled brow twisted with regret and worry.

Just as I turn away..


a glimmer of the girl I used to be.

I imagine I’m still that quirky girl of 20,

I pause,

Close my eyes and there before me all the possibilities that were.

Then, just as quickly, I open my eyes and the reflection is but a shadow of that 20-year-old, possibilities running down life’s driveway, streaming into the drainage system.

I will sleep now and forget for a time of my circumstances.

I shall escape, un-tether and float freely in a place of my choosing.

Good-night old girl, see you on the flip side.

Mom, The Original Superhero!

5 Apr

Mae Foree (Mom) and Kathy Coleman

Where would any of us be without our mothers?  Well.. we wouldn’t exist frankly and some of us wouldn’t need to pay a therapist an hourly rate!  Mother’s come in all shapes, sizes, and mindsets and have managed to shape the face of society.  Continue reading

I Need a News Channel Holiday!

31 Mar

CNN’s ‘anniversary’

There are so many ways one can acquire news these days. I view news stories online and will tune into various cable news channels as well as watching the local news before going to bed. Lately though I feel like a news addict and find it hard to turn it off.

Every time a major world incident happens I become completely engrossed in the news coverage of it. After 911 happened I would spend every waking moment watching the news coverage. I found myself unable to pull myself away and actually do those things in my life that mattered at the time. I have found lately I've been spending way too much time watching news channel coverage of the Japan Crisis and I have to step back.

I've decided that I need a news channel holiday to reestablish a life/news balance. Who's with me? I declare that today I will refrain from watching all news channels and will instead read a book, go for a walk, and do some much needed spring cleaning!

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Hammin’ It Up for Easter

30 Mar

Easter Memories - Egg Hunts, Easter Ham, and Fancy Bonnets

What’s Easter without an egg hunt, some fancy dresses and bonnets, and a big juicy baked Easter Ham.  My sister Kelley and I would look longingly at the new fancy dresses as soon as they hit the hangers in our local clothing store.  On Easter Sunday we would get up early to see what surprises the Easter Bunny had left and then dress to the nines to catch the church bus for Sunday School.  Continue reading

Lessons Learned Early

28 Mar

James Foree my Dad

One of the most important and influential people in my life has been my father. He’s been in the spirit realm watching over me for nearly twenty years now and the lessons I learned from him still linger today.

I can still hear him saying to me, “Kathy if you’re going to do something, do it right the first time.” He was a person that took pride in his work doing each aspect of a project with purpose. My father born in 1928 only made it through the 6th grade. He was the coolest person I’ve ever met and was an amazing storyteller. Having the gift of gab he never met a stranger and never let his lack of education stop him from success.

I attribute my solid work ethic to this one statement. This one sentence set me on the path I’m on today.

Thanks Dad

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Living Life in Moderation

24 Mar
Temperance Tarot Card

I always get the Temperance Tarot card in my readings!

I always say, “Too much of a good thing is not such a good thing.” Living life in moderation doesn’t mean you give up those things that are enjoyable.  It means that you don’t go overboard!  For example, if you want chocolate then have one small piece and don’t just shove the whole thing in your mouth in one bite.  Take small bites and really savor the flavor and enjoy the experience of the chocolate.

Continue reading

My Top Celebrity Sightings

22 Mar

Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs

One of my favorite celebrity sightings was in Malibu, California. I had went out to LA on a business trip with Sherri, a fellow worker. She was very adventurous and neither one of us had ever been there before, so after we completed our Lockbox Audit for that day we jumped in the car to see the sights.

One of our local contacts suggested Gladstone’s, a restaurant off California Highway 1 just up the road in Malibu. Now you would think that being in LA you’d see a ton of Hollywood starlets but alas no. We went to Mann’s Chinese Theatre and put our hands and feet in various famous impressions, walked down Hollywood Blvd checking out stars, cruised down Rodeo drive, and even drove by the Santa Monica Pier with the hopeful intention of seeing someone “famous”. We got nuttin’ absolutely nuttin’!

Hungry and tired we decided to go have our beach-side dinner at Gladstone’s. It was surf and turf night and the company was paying so why not! We had just gotten our drinks and I looked up and saw him..just two tables away in front of me. Non other than Mr. Fava Beans with a nice Chianti himself, Anthony Hopkins!

I could barely contain my excitement. Sherri, on the other hand, did not believe me. I said, “Sherri, I would bet my whole pay check on it.” and so she grabbed the waiter as he was walking by and asked him. The waiter was like, “Yeah that’s Mr. Hopkins, he lives up the hill and he’s down here every week for the Surf and Turf Special.” Victorious in finally sighting a star, I called my husband and rubbed it in while sitting at the table eating!

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